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Monday, January 1, 2018

Lady Gaga: I swear to Lucifer

The entertainment industry is being totally controlled by the Dark Elite for the main reason that the sheep can be easily programmed by having access to the frequencies which are being transmitted on the Earth plane by various singers. There are many puppets in the music industry, such thing is in the interest of the cabal.

Most of the singers, especially those who are famous world wide, believe and adore Lucifer, the God's fallen angel. They express their belief on Lucifer, the prince of earth, mainly through their art and symbolism which comes from esoteric knowledge.

One famous singer who truly adores Lucifer is Lady Gaga. Her dark creepy aura is an easy visible proof she is possessed by evil entities, or fake light. When asked during an interview if she records while the bus is moving when in tour, she replied with the following.

Yeah well sometimes they don't want to in there, do you know Gaga we can't get, you know the frequency is weird and you know, it's sounding a little bit strange. And I'm like if you don't get that right now, I swear to Lucifer I'm gonna go...

Don't believe me guys? Then feel free to watch the following video and realize it for yourself how Lady Gaga swears to Lucifer.

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