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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

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Jay Z rap verse: Murder, Murder Jesus

Everyone who is awake about what truly goes in the world, for sure knows about the promotion of Satanism through the music industry. Lately, the humanity is been bombarded with low frequencies and dark symbolism by the Illuminati through the music vibration.

When I was in deep sleep, in a machine state, the whole Illuminati stuff seemed completely a joke to me, but now that I have passed to Christ consciousness, the truth is revealing itself in front of my eyes.  There is a lot of subliminal messages being transmitted through music with the main purpose of manipulating and deceiving the masses so they can follow and worship Satan, the King Of Flesh.

Jay Z, a famous rapper world wide, is known for his expression of his dark side through rap lyrics he writes. According to some decoders of Illuminati, in one of his songs titled Lucifer, the singer says "Murder Murder Jesus". The evil message is not being transmitted directly to the listeners as it is a subliminal one, energy which plays with the subconsciousness mind, the part of the brain which is in sleep.

The following is a video in which a pastor plays the Jay's Lucifer song in reverse in front of many Christians, who after hearing the subliminal message about rapper wanting Jesus to be murdered, remain completely silent.

True or not, I have no engineering skills to verify it by studying the components of the song, but for sure I can say there is a lot of anti Christian propaganda going on in the music industry. Thanks God, I am touched by the Holy Spirit which guides me in any kind of difficulty life brings to me. Jesus is my king!

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