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Thursday, January 11, 2018

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Christians: Spiritual awakening is a Satanic movement

Since the moment I started to experience the spiritual awakening, life has been a true hell here on mother Earth as I have been dealing with all types of pressure from negative energies. In the beginning everything got out of control, but now that things have calmed down a little bit, I know all happens for a reason which only those who are on God's path know about.

But as I progress on my spiritual journey, I face all kinds of people. Those who are jealous about the state of unconditional love which I have achieved, those who are tremendously confused at what has happened to me during the last years and those who are religious and think spiritual awakening is a satanic movement being created with the main purpose of deceiving people. 

Yes! There are many loyal Christian people out there who truly think that Satan is behind the whole New Age movement, masked as God so he or she can deceive people and make them believe in the idea of a One World Order in which peace is being brought by the materialization of one world religion in the third dimension. Followers of God's word, some of these fishes against the flow, have expressed their honest opinion on the spiritual awakening through videos on their Youtube channels, labeling the experience as a work of the Devil.

Being a lightworker, someone who gives a lot of free white energy and unconditional love to the planet, I find it very disrespectful the fact that those who follow the path of Jesus Christ, insult those who have passed to God's consciousness by labeling them as workers of Satan. For sure there are many esoteric groups who do evil work in secret, in the name of true light, but that does not give anyone the right to categorize those who bring the energy of Heaven here on Earth as Devil worshipers.

Anyone who has truly discovered the true essence of their soul, has passed to Christ consciousness, they have experienced spiritual death and are being born again, free of sins. Same as little children who have no ego in this matrix. Like Jesus said, we should become like little children to enter the Kingdom Of God

He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. 3 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4 Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

I am a little child, and I am spiritually awake. Everything happened during the time I was in college, where I met a false twinflame, or what is known as a karmic attachment from hell. It was the failure at University and the rejection from the person I thought I loved which helped me realize the true worth, the inner one. So, what is wrong with loving yourself without conditions, the same as little kids do?

Dear Christians, because Satan makes use of the sacred knowledge which God sends to us from Heaven through higher frequencies, it does not mean that those who are in full sync with the main Source is doing work of evil. It is not our fault that secret societies such as Illuminati use the spiritual knowledge in the opposite way when compared to that which God created us for in the first place. We all know that Satan is an evil reverse engineer, the greatest deceiver out there.

When one loves their self without conditions, they vibrate in unconditional love frequency, the same as it is in Heaven so they do not feel the desires of ego such as collecting material stuff, making a lot of cash or hurting others. The Bible teaches Christians and everyone else who does believe in it to love their enemy the same as they love their self. And one can love their enemy like they love their self only by reaching inner love as it is at such point one understands we are all God's children, most deceived by Satan.

Touched by the Holy Ghost, I feel it is my mission right now to inform my Christian brothers out there that they're being deceived by the Devil, especially when they label lightworkers like myself as satanic soldiers.

To be honest, I am nothing, but a soldier of God! I expose the darkness, the plan of evil, the New World Order with my own light, with my true tool! And I feel a Christian myself. I am a Christian, an Orthodox Christian.

And there are many Christians out there going through the spiritual awakening right now, so many! Their number increases each day it passes. It does not mean they're abandoning God, it just means they're getting touched by the Holy Ghost.

Generalization is always a bad idea, it leads nowhere. Because there are those who believe in and preach the light of Lucifer, it does not mean every lightworker movement is Devil's work. So please, before making statement about the entire spiritual awakening groups out there, first get to know each one of them and their true purpose. There is deceivers everywhere, even in the Church. Does it mean Christianity is a satanic movement. For sure not!

God created everything, he is a lightworker too. Love is the main frequency which he or she sends to mother Earth from his kingdom. And those who are spiritually awake, who have realized the true essence of the soul, the unconditional love that they're, are not deceived by Satan. They're connected directly to God as they have cleansed their soul from the negative karma which they used to carry from their previous incarnations. The spiritual awakening movement with which I resonate with, is pure God's work.

A famous Christian which goes by the name of The Vigilant Christian on Youtube, triggered me with some of his videos where he pretends to expose the New Age Movement as Satanic.

If both the true lightworkers and loyal Christians are doing lots of work to expose the plan of evil, how does it make sense to label the spiritual workers as Satan workers?! Just because there is a lot of Satanists out there who believe in unconditional love, it does not make me or other God's followers Satan worshippers. For sure there is a lot of people out there, most of those who pretend to be New Agers, who read a lot of books on Yoga and other esoteric knowledge so they can wake up from the deep sleep in which they have been through for centuries. It all happened naturally to me, and there is nothing wrong with discovering your true essence. There is nothing wrong with doing research!

But it is totally wrong to use the scared knowledge to fulfill the Devil's projects. That's wrong. So long story short, there is nothing wrong with knowledge in itself if it is being used to bring unconditional love and Heaven here on mother Earth.

I am not sure why The Vigilant Christian is attacking the lightworkers, but a hypothesis may be that in this New Age where everyone is shifting, labeling workers of light as Satanic gives him a lot of attention, views and income which comes from advertising. And forgive me God, it is just a hypothesis, I am not claiming it to be true.

After watching the video which was published by The Vigilant Christian, few days after, another Christian who also runs a Youtube channel attacked the New Age movement by commenting in one of my videos about the spiritual awakening experience.

The following is the original comment which the Christian made on my video.

You were my 111 subscriber, but that is not important. What is important is that you read the Bible. This frequency theory has been around and is demonic Panda. It is not of God. I hope that you will come to a saving knowledge of the truth, which is the Word of God, the Bible. I read a book once called Master of the Universe which felt with the things you speak of here, and it is a spiritual book, but what spirit? Not the spirit of God, that's for sure. The Bible calls Satan the Prince of the power of the air, and you are picking up bad vibrations that will lead you astray, so please turn to the word of God.

From the above comment, you can easily tell that the the author is automatically deceived by his belief system as he is judging me without knowing my mission, he is denying unconditional love. Can he prove that the frequencies which I am receiving is from Satan and not God? If he can not prove so, why does he put a label on it. And I respect the author of the above comment as I resonate with his lessons about Christianity, but I do not accept the fact he is labeling everyone on the awake side as someone who is picking up vibrations from Satan.

There are many people who practice Black Magic out there, it does not mean that the kind of spiritual awakening which I have experienced is the same or in any way similar to those who practice dark occults. People like Aleister Crowley have deceived a lot of people with their spiritual teachings, but that does not mean my spiritual path has anything to do with him.

Although most of the Christians who claim New Age movement is Satanic do no bring any argument to prove so, I am bringing my own to prove the opposite, but in the next article so things do not get boring for you guys.

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