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Saturday, December 23, 2017


Spiritual awakening, hacks to rebirth and become a child again 13

In the beginning of the spiritual awakening, the one who goes through it gets really scared as their fake security is put at risk due to the frequency upgrade. The old self seeks the old way of living the life, while the new self, the true one, wants to materialize itself in the material plane.

Truth is that when one runs from their true self, they suffer. Going against the flow of the Universe may seem easier in the beginning due to the tricks ego does to us, but once the higher frequencies hit mother Earth, everything changes. I know it ain't easy as I have been there.

The low vibrational programming which those who are in control have done to humanity has damaged our true nature, that's why most of the humans feel like they're powerless. Matrix is designed in a such a way that forces people to forget their true nature so they can start to look for external powers, that's how it makes sure it exists. Energy being spent on the outer reality, on different illusions, is the primary source which feeds the matrix, otherwise it wouldn't exist. Since little kids we get constantly programmed by the family and the society mainly through the vibration of fear. Such pressure is the main reason why we feel limited and create certain gaps in the physical plane.

Personally I have incarnated in a society which has suffered a lot by the deep mind programming as it has been prey of low vibrations for many centuries. Every society has its own templates and as long they are not being built on the unconditional love frequency, they produce dysfunctional realities. Being part of a toxic reality, I feel different kind of psychological pressures from the society, energy which tries to suppress my true nature. Now that I am awake, it does not work anymore.

Truth is that those in deep sleep live the physical experience on the Earth plane in a linear timeline, they're stuck in a single low frequency, that's why they experience the same reality over and over. Prey of the low vibrations, the masses follow blindly the dark agendas of the Dark Elite, the same as the sheep follow their own shepherd. When one follows without questioning, there is a high probability of them being deceived by wolves in sheep clothes. A trace back in our life is necessary to understand how we have been conditioned since little kids by certain programming patterns which now run the life of majority of the people, the same as a software runs a personal computer.

Being deeply programmed, one runs blind in the matrix. One is prey of the templates built on low vibrations such as hate, jealousy, anger and fear. All these frequencies is responsible for the attachment of the human being to the material part of this experience, responsible for the detachment from the true essence of our soul which is pure white light. And when one is disconnected from the true essence of their soul, they operate directly from what is known as ego, the place where all the 3D programming is being stored.

As long as one is not spiritually awake, totally disconnected from God, they're a product of their parents and their society. It is the instructions of the software loaded into their personal ego which is responsible for their actions, not their true self. Attached to specific emotions collected in the emotional body, these people operate mainly from the fear vibration and take certain decisions which are predetermined by the matrix before their incarnation here on mother Earth. Unaware of what they truly want, they walk a path which is not theirs and during such journey they collect a lot of low vibrations which is being stored as emotions in the emotional body. Fueled by the dark vibrations, people tend to fall prey of the materialism, they become beasts.

A beast knows no true love, their soul is poisoned with the dark energies. All they truly adore is money, luxury and finer things. Prey of the Beast energies, most of humanity is going forward to the usage of its animal frequencies. It is the animal nature of human beings which is dominating life on the third dimension, that's why our society has degenerated. We wake up in the morning and all we think is money, we sleep and all we think is money. The truth is that the majority has lost its soul, they don't live, they just breathe and work like machines. Money, luxury, expensive cars, Money, luxury, expensive cars.

Although it may be harsh, most of the people are just zombies powered by ego, they have no soul as they sold it to the Beast. Yes, to the Beast! They are about to do anything, any kind of crime for the love of money. But I don't judge them as I know they're blind by the darkness.

Thanks to the spiritual awakening, I have discovered the true essence of my soul. This connection to God has helped me understand that love and happiness comes from within. The bad news is that not everyone is ready to understand this as the majority vibrates on low frequencies, the good one is that everyone is shifting. Everyone!

When one is truly awake, they pass to Christ consciousness. Most are waiting for the second Christ to come, but they fail to realize that the energy of Jesus Christ is within them. Having been through all the struggle that comes with this journey myself, I have compiled a list of hacks which can help to speed up the death of the old self during the spiritual awakening and give birth to the new one, to the true one.

Quit what is most worthy to you

There is third dimensional worth and spiritual worth. Experience here on Earth is very dense, for the majority it consists mostly of material possessions, fake relationships, fake love and for sure fake worth. 

Almost everyone is lost in the matrix, completely disconnected from their true essence of the soul. A matrix based worth is what everyone wants, what everyone lives their life for.

Although it may seem crazy to you, the harsh truth is that one can not die and be born again without giving away their fake worth. What defines one in the Prison Planet is a definition which comes from the outer reality, not the inner one.

Now think about it, if you give away or let go of whatever which gives you a position in the matrix would it be a painful experience? Does even the idea of it scare the shit out of you?

I know how it feels as I have been there. Getting rid of the fake worth is a very hard process which takes a lot of time as one has to completely disconnect from the matrix in which they live in order to accomplish inner worth, but you have to quit your fake worth unless you want to sleep forever.

Lose what would cause you pain if you do so, because it is this attachment you need to work on in order to truly set yourself free from the matrix.

Connect back to Nature

Humans were not designed to live in this industrial mess in which we live today. Truth is that each one of us belongs to mother Nature. Fresh air, organic fruits and the calmness which Nature offers is what we truly need, it is needed for our rebirth.

Do whatever it takes to get back in connection with mother Nature so you can cleanse your body from the daily toxic you get from the foods you eat. The more toxic you cleanse, the higher your body vibrates. A high body vibration helps to speed up the process of rebirth as it automatically contributes in the death of the old self.

I know most of you is attached to your daily passions, to your little entertaining games, but it is time for you to get back in mother Nature.

Start to listen to your higher self

The mind programming which has happened to each one of us since little kids, has truly damaged our true nature to the point that almost nobody can remember who they are as in soul. Such damage is in interest of the matrix as the less knowledge one has on their true self, the higher is the probability for them to spend energy on ego which feeds the evil elite.

When one is disconnected from their higher self, they fail to receive the messages which God sends to them so they end up walking paths which are not theirs, fake and pointless paths. They suffer and suffer to infinity!

It is truly important for one to setup again connection with the Source as it is the energy downloaded directly from God which makes the rebirth possible.

Let your inner child out

Deep inside each one of us is a little child, it is the low vibrational templates which pressure us to conform to a certain reality in which we are called grown ups. Truth is that nobody questions or rejects the reality in which we live in anymore, everyone follows the patterns as we have been systematically taught that everything the dark cabal presents to us is for our own good.

And if one chooses not to conform to the outdated templates, they get labeled as immature, as little children who do not understand life. As persons who are not able to keep up with the hardship life gives to someone.

Ask yourself this question. From the moment you were born until now, do you think you have made any decision which comes directly from within, a decision that does not depends on this reality?

The answer is very clear. No! Many of you may think you have a free will or choice, but the thing is that your free will does not exist as a standalone, it depends on the reality as we know today. Those at the top of the pyramid have their masters and architects which project certain realities into us.

It is time to become a child again, it is time to realize the true essence of the soul again. It is time to start and realize all the bullshit that has been implemented to you over the years. It is time to understand what happened to that beautiful innocent child you used to be. It is time to realize how you have been turned into a monster, a zombie.

Yes, it is time to kill the zombie! It is time to let your true self come out unless you want to sleepwalk the entire life you came to experience here on mother Earth.

There are many ways to let your inner child out. Recall the games you used to play as a little kid and try to play them now. Find the strength to do it as it is for your own good! Personally I found a little ball which I had as a teen and I am playing daily with it. Bounce it baby!

Trace the mind programming patterns and get rid of them

The life which many experience on the physical plane is the result of mind programming patterns implemented in them by their family and the society since they're little children. When one is a little child they don't question anything so they are an easy target for the dark elite which pushes their agenda through different forms, mainly through symbolism in TV programs.

There is a part of the brain in sleep which is exploited by the architects of the New World Order. Although we are not aware of it, those in the film industry who have knowledge of different occult can easily implement programming patterns in us.

Decisions we make in life come as a result of the instructions inherited in the different mind programming patterns each one of us carries within them. Almost nobody is truly thinking with their own mind for the main fact that the matrix has them.

It is important for one who wants to experience rebirth that they start and trace back the mind programming patterns implemented in them by their family, society and the dark elite. A trace back is needed so one can understand why they want a certain things in their life, why they feel a certain way, why they act a certain way. And when one understands why something happens, they have the power to control it.

Play with a pet

I had a rabbit which is now dead, but I truly liked him and started to build a warm relationship with him. A pet is very useful in the awakening process as it helps to ground the energies and connect back with mother Nature.

The pet will be there for you no matter what. Unconditional love is what you get from them, a frequency which is necessary for the rebirth of the inner child.

Feel free to let free that kid inside you who used to love pets. It is a simple but useful hack which can help to rebirth and wake up from the deep sleep.

Go and hangout with kids on the park

The child frequencies is very healing to the planet. Little children have no ego, pure angels who bring unconditional love on mother Earth. Connection to little children is necessary for one if they truly want to rebirth their soul.

Go to the park where kids play and start to interact with them. Fear nothing! Lose yourself in their kingdom, in heaven!

The public may view you as a crazy or a weirdo, but forgive them as they judge because they have been deceived by the low frequencies, by evil!

Spend time alone

Time alone helps to reflect on yourself and recharge back with fresh energies. All the pressure which comes by interacting and playing the 3D game in the matrix is responsible for shutting down the true self in each one of us. When one is alone, they have the chance to stay away from the low frequencies produced by the evil elite with the main purpose of lowering our vibration so they can keep us in total control.

Make sure to spend time alone as it helps to release the negative energies you collect daily in dysfunctional environments, the cleansing of the toxic is important for the rebirth process to take place.

Watch cartoons

Although the dark cabal programs little children through cartoons too, sometimes it is a very good idea to let your inner child out by watching them. Cartoons help to heal your inner child and be the little weirdo that you are without fearing the pressure from the society.

After the spiritual awakening, I felt a deep desire in me to watch cartoons. Regardless of the fact that my brother and my parents judge me sometimes for watching them, I don't care anymore. This hack is truly important in waking up the inner kid you have shut down due to the pressure faced in the programmed patterns of the matrix. 

Play computer games you used to love as a kid

As a kid, I truly loved playing computer games, especially Super Mario. So many memories come from my childhood when I play the computer games I used to entertain myself in the past.

The rebirth can not happen without the death of the old self. All that limits you from your true self must go and for it to go you need to wake up the little child within you.

Express your inner child through different forms

To truly rebirth and become the child you are you have to let yourself come out as your truly are from within. This can be achieved by materializing your inner child in the third dimension through different forms such as drawing the shapes you used to draw as a kid, going around the house like a little weirdo, playing your favorite characters from cartoons, interacting with little children, taking care of babies and even getting dirty while eating chocolates.

Final thoughts

Have gone through hell myself during the spiritual awakening, now I truly understand that separation is an illusion, a third dimensional thing. Once you become the little child you truly are in this hell we live in right now, you enter a new reality which is of a very high frequency I like to call it Heaven. And like King Jesus said, you need to become a child for you to enter the Kingdom Of Heaven.

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