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Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Spiritual awakening, Divine Feminine and signs you are one

Life on the physical plane requires that one should resonate with a specific gender, male or female. Most of the people, who are still in deep sleep and unaware of the true essence of their soul, fall prey of this unwritten law which comes as a result of the operation of fear vibration on mother Earth. According to the majority of people, feminine energies is an aspect which only women do have; such thinking comes mainly from the fact that they're still operating from the animal vibrations of their recent incarnations. The same thinking is being applied to the masculine energies, it belongs only to the males, the masses say.

But what do they know? Nothing! Their knowledge on self is limited, it is not their fault as they have not entered the spiritual awakening yet. I have been where they're walking now, so I truly understand their view; that's why I forgive them.

Personally, after the spiritual awakening, I learned that I am a twinflame on my last incarnation here on mother Earth, and that I do carry the Divine Feminine. Those who carry the feminine energies resonate a lot with creative work, nurturing, healing, building and also have a harsh time here on mother Earth as they lack masculine energy which is needed to materialize their true self on the third dimension. Because Divine Feminine is of a higher frequency, when compared to those of this dimension, souls who carry such energy can be easily manipulated, especially by those who vibrate more on the masculine energies.

Having incarnated in a society which is mainly focused on the masculine energies, I have suffered a lot as before of the awakening of my soul, I did not understand why my countrymen are so opportunist when it comes to applying their ego in the physical plane. But now that I am getting truly aware of my inner self, I am realizing that Universe makes no mistakes, everything is in balance; their masculine side is matched by my Divine Feminine.

Having been through hell myself, I have learned many lessons during the spiritual awakening and I love to share them with you guys, especially with those who are going through the Initial Trigger phase of the awakening, as they need the sacred knowledge the most to ease the suffering while their soul grows.

Now I am going to share the complete list of signs which prove one is a carrier of the Divine Feminine energies. Before doing that, I have to remind you guys that while writing this article the 11:11 code showed up, it means I got approval of the main Source for the work which I am putting on this website.

You are a daydreamer

During the day, your mind flies away on different realms, places that have nothing to do with the Prison Planet in which each one of us is imprisoned. It is the higher frequencies you carry that make it hard for you to navigate the third dimension like almost anyone else. 

Although the society views and labels you as a sleeper, maybe even a parasite, it does not truly bother you as you know you vibrate in a higher frequency which the mainstream can not understand.

You are not about accumulation of goods

The modern society has suppressed the Divine Feminine energy so much, that life is not anymore about enjoying the fruits of earth, but about accumulating as much as possible so one can feel more proud than the next man. Such way of living is a complete disconnection from our true nature, from the feminine principle that we come from. 

The accumulation of goods with the main purpose of finding happiness, is nothing but a deviation from the true essence of our soul as the true happiness is inside us.

You have a lot of creative energy

Divine Feminine is all about creation, just like a mother gives life to a baby, you give birth to yourself through different forms such as drawing, painting, engineering, computer programming, writing, crafting and others. Not only you view creative work as something to earn your living, but most importantly as a way to help others by connecting with them.

You are not interested in sex unless it is with your twin or soulmate

Sex is another form of burning energy. For those who carry the Divine Feminine it is something which is sacred, that should be done with the beloved one. When one carries higher frequencies they operate from the crown chakra which is responsible for spiritual vibrations which come from God's realms, that's why they can not have sex with anyone.

Personally, I have never had a sex life, I never felt the need of it.

You have a deep connection with Nature

Nature is Divine, it is one of the most perfect creators here on mother Earth. Everything in it has a divine purpose. Because of the creative energies which you carry, you feel a deep connection with Nature. There are many topics which draw your interest when it comes to Nature such as healing herbs, trees, clean water, fresh air, the smell of flowers and different animals.

You feel the truth, that Nature is your true home. A deep desire to go and live in Nature runs through your heart, it makes you feel alive again. 

You live in solitude

Divine Feminine spends a lot of energies when they connect with higher realms, so it is needed that they recharge the loss, nothing better than solitude can help. It is also solitude which helps one focus on their creative skills and develop them further.

The main reason why those who carry the Divine Feminine enjoy solitude is because during such time one is free of the masculine energies which are more about getting stuff rather than imagination and creation. 

You have healing energies

Divine Feminine is about nurturing and finding inner ways to solve the problems of the third dimension world, it is totally different with the masculine energies. Many of those who watch my videos, find the energy of my voice truly healing. The truth is that we are all connected.

You have knowledge on the laws of Universe

Universe and its laws is being created based on the feminine principle, the Divine Feminine. That's why those who carry the Divine Feminine don't follow much the mankind laws as they live life by following the flow of the Universe. 

One specific law which those on the awake side who carry the Divine Feminine can truly master, is The Law Of Attraction which says that likes attracts likes. In short words, one attracts what they reflect.

You hang in the void very often

When one carries the Divine Feminine, their connection to the Goddess, the creator of all things, is so deep that they get lost in the void. Such connection is the main reason why it is so hard for the Divine Feminine to ground in the physical plane, their direct connection with the main Source makes it almost impossible to focus on the earthly stuff most of humans do enjoy.

You do not interact much in 3D conversations

Majority of the people spend a lot of their energies on gossiping each other, on the other side those who carry the Divine Feminine prefer to focus on their self development as they do know the desired outer reality can be matched only by working on the inner reality.

You have a hard time to get stuff

While the masculine energies is mostly about getting and owning stuff, the Divine Feminine is about creation from within, from zero, from the void. You have a hard time to get your life together as most of the people. Struggle of the third dimension never leaves you alone, it is with you every moment you spend on the physical plane.

Personally I am financially broke, still living with my parents and eating their food. No matter how much pressure the society puts in me so I can get my life together, my soul still gets lost in the void over and over.

You don't use people

People use each other as they mostly carry masculine energies, only a few do have the Divine Feminine. The main reason why you don't use people, although you have all the power to do it, is because it is against your energies. The thing is that people people view you as a fish, or a fool.

Focus on yourself and try to balance the masculine side, so you can avoid tough situations where people try to manipulate so they can get advantage of you.

You have a big desire to help humanity

Humanity has been suffering for so many centuries due to the fact it has been programmed with very low frequencies. Being connected to the main Source, you know illusion is a separation, you know all is one and one is all.

The Divine Feminine is about creation, nurturing and healing. When one heal thyself, they heal the entire humanity for the main reason that we are all connected to each other.

You shut down conflicts

Most of the people have not cleansed the animal frequencies they carry from their recent incarnations yet, so they end up in conflict with each other very often. As one who carries the Divine Feminine, you have the ability to create a third energy, a positive charge, which helps to shut down the conflicts powered by the low vibrations.

You believe in the power of unconditional love

Like a mother who loves her own kids without conditions, you love yourself and the entire world without conditions as you know for sure only love is real. You know it is the vibration of fear which has imprisoned and fooled humanity into illusions through its entire existence. Having the energy of Goddess, you want to bring unconditional love on mother Earth and also make it the main vibration among people.

You are not interested in fighting

Because the majority of the people vibrate mainly on their masculine side, they view the world as a place where they have to fight for their dreams and rights. Although such thing is good at a certain point, those who carry the Divine Feminine don't like fighting much as they know the secret of coexistence lies within us, not in the outer reality.

You get drained a lot energetically 

Anyone is attracted to light, that's why many people come and ask you for help. They find you very useful as you accept people very easy without any kind of judgment, and you also love to help them. You know that when you help another one you help yourself. But because you carry the Divine Feminine, the Creator's energies, it happens that people take advantage of you without a care about your spiritual and physical health. And because you love helping people as you feel it is your main mission here on mother Earth, you lose a lot of energy while trying to fix the life of others.

You want to bring fifth dimensional technology on earth

The technology which each one of us uses in this dimension is based on very low frequencies when compared to that of higher dimensions. The thing is that our reality is very dense, that's what makes it truly slow. Having had out of body experiences, I do feel that although our technology is very advanced for humans, it is primitive for beings of the higher realms. I always wanted to become a scientist and a gadget inventor, maybe my awakening is going to help me bring fifth dimensional gadgets on mother Earth. But first I have to make sure I have food on the table as right now I am going through rock bottom.

You are very allergic to authority

Authority operates on masculine energies, earthly vibrations. Although in many cases it is needed for the Earth which we have right now, authority limits creativity and self expression. I have suffered a lot from authority as I live in a society which has been oppressed for five centuries during the Ottoman empire and for a half century under communism; we want money fast around here. No judging my people, just stating.

Personally, I am very allergic to authority. School authority, father authority, whatever. It suppresses the creative energies. It is just masculine stuff. It is a sin to suppress what created us.

You are highly interested in crafts

My parents want me to go and finish college, but I just want to focus my creative energies on crafting skills instead of getting brainwashed in engineering. I have nothing against engineering or school in general, because I do believe it is fine if done properly, but right now it is not.

Crafting is really a good way to ground themselves for those who carry the Divine Feminine, I would say it may be one of the most perfect way to bring their creative energies in the physical plane, to manifest a part of their soul in here.

You are very patient

Because of the suppression of the Divine Feminine which is done to humanity, people are all about consuming. They want things very fast, nobody wants to work or build anymore. Personally I am taking things slow, if my website does not generate any considerable amount of money right now, it does not mean I should stop working on it, I am Divine Feminine.

Final thoughts

Those who carry the Divine Feminine suffer a lot on mother Earth, as at the moment Gaia is suffering from low frequencies and oppression by the masculine energies. Everything is unbalanced, but that's why lightworkers are in here, to balance themselves and others. In another article, I am going to teach you guys how to balance your Divine Masculine so you can become more balanced and avoid others taking advantage of you.

Feel free to follow me on my personal facebook account for spiritual wisdom and help, I would be happy to upload consciousness into you. Love and Light!

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