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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Pop icon Prince had a secret song about Royal Reptiles

There is a lot of conspiracy theories going on the internet about the Great Britain's Royal Family, saying that the members of the family are shapeshifting aliens, or as labeled by different authors, reptilians. One famous conspiracy author which has arrived at this conclusion is David Icke, but for sure he is not the only one.

Although a very controversial topic, it is really weird how those who talk about it on widely followed TV shows, end up persecuted by the system. If it is just an entertainment theory, how come it bothers those in control of the planet so much? 

They killed Michael Jackson, Lady Diana. And now Prince. Being on the awake side, it all makes sense to me. The evil elite controls the humanity through low frequencies and for sure they don't want awake people, especially in the music industry as such thing is a big risk for the mind control of the masses.

According to Ben Smith, a music writer who has worked on the biography of pop idol Prince, there is a very weird song Prince did not release. It is entitled Royal Reptiles. Based on this song, Smith says that Prince Charles had revealed himself to be a shapeshifting reptilian at a charity fashion event in 1999.

The pop icon says the following in the unreleased song, recorded back in 1999.

“Royals are reptiles, Charlie’s a reptile, Lizzie’s a reptile, they want to eat you and me.” 

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