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Friday, December 29, 2017


Money is a belief on paper and credit that entraps the unsuspected

Money is the element believed in by paper, used to survive and to have power.  It is a religion that is controlled by the corporations that print it and rule the flow of the exchange of its beliefs.  You see, you can barter and exchange for services like the days of old, but you cannot be taxed or controlled if you do. Ownership of land is another part of religion and government.  You do not own the land but the corporations own it.  The Cabal run everything, you are just a human resource.
When you understand this you can withdraw from the holds it has on you by changing its value, that is belief based. It is one thing to believe, and another to know. Belief is based on hope and uncertainty. It is how the masses are controlled but it goes deeper. They destroy your spirit and program you that you are worthless and sinful and you are now victims made susceptible to a created savior and administrators of the chosen deception.  Every sector of your planet is being plundered by these overlords that you support and governments, banking institutions, and religions.

Until you become informed and wise you will be duped. They control your very food and medical institutions to make themselves rich and to limit your terms as a health viable body, mind, soul being. From your schooling, you are spoon fed propaganda and lies.  They entrap you with commercials and entice you with their agenda of status quo.  Since your self knowing is very vague you people of Earth buy into this script.  It infects your very basic needs to survive and whole image about who you are as a player in their games.

Until you ‘realise the real lies’ you will be a servant to this structure. So when you are weakened on all fronts you have to work on your primal levels on ‘up’ to break free and find your strength and your own path and meaning. When you open your third eye and vibrate at higher octaves you will know.  Do your time but be free from the elements that once trapped you.  Find yourself first and you will find the key to your prison cell on Earth. 

This is not your world for your battle is against powers that are not of the flesh and this frequency.

Quential/Mark Thompson/Denise Price

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