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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Michael Jackson is a twinflame

The more we progress on the spiritual awakening, the more we remember the true essence of our soul, the more we become aware of our mission here on mother Earth. In the beginning of the spiritual awakening it felt like hell, a very weird experience, but now everything makes sense. We are all connected.

Although majority of the people view spirituality as an esoteric knowledge of those who do not possess a lot of wealth, to be honest there is lightworkers even in the rich class as soul knows no boundaries. The pop icon, Michael Jackson was one of them, its soul's mission is to bring high frequencies on mother Earth. His spiritual messengers are being channeled on the physical plane by his own twinflame, Susan Elsa. She blogs about the energy Michael sends to her from higher realms with the main purpose of uplifting humanity to higher frequencies.

According to her, the Dark Elite, or as it is known by the masses, Illuminati, used to downplay and damage the image of the famous singer as he rebelled against the corrupted system. There is also many conspiracy theories on the internet which say he was murdered by those who control the world as he was trying to wake up the masses with his music.

The following is some twinflame couple photos being shared on Susan's blog. I decided to share them with you guys so you can enjoy and remind that we are not alone, we are all together in this.

For those of you who don't know yet, twinflames share the same soul and their mission here on mother Earth is to overcome illusions and prove humanity that only unconditional love is real. They usually incarnate in cultures which oppose each other so they can prove to their self and others that only love can unite us.

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