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Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Master your know of your frequencies and melodies you vibrate as your expression

Stay tuned and the vibrations will resonate in harmony to your cord of being. All is oscillation and frequency in your magnetic and ethereal bodies, take note of it. Your thoughts can channel great sheets of musical melodies that will be pleasant to be with, or it can bring irritation and discord to what you hear and feel and what others feel in your presence. 

Being tuned is tension and the release and perfect striking of your notes that you learn in your life, by experience and playing of your life.  By practice and flow do we become one with the mind, the soul, and the hands of our expression. Remember, there is no difference in learning to play music than determining the tones of your life. 

Like learning music tones and melodies of oscillations and scales, that have the ability to hear and to match the laws of synchronicity for the flow of beauty to be one with HUE.  You were giving a beautiful instrument, a body, and must now learn to test your sounds and expression until the ear of your soul in the body has become one in being.  Then you can play effortlessly with the creative knowing the soul has to give you. 

Until you find the notes of your scale that matches the Laws of Harmony, you will only see the illusion and struggle to the expression of your utterances and be very unhappy with yourself. But dear ones, it takes practice with yourself and reflects, on beginning to hear and see the wondrous melodies trapped within.  

Tune your instrument and keep it tuned, for the sounds you speak will be ever noted by your skills of the knowledge of your tones.  

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