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Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Mark Of The Beast: workers in Sweden implant rfid chips on their hands

It is really weird, but what God informed us about in the Bible, is becoming materialized in the third dimension and the worst thing is that only a few are truly aware of The Mark Of The Beast. Lost in deep sleep, the masses is sleepwalking, they accept anything the evil elite presents to them without even questioning the reason behind the projects which have the purpose to control the sheep.

But the worst part is not the fact that majority of humanity is not awake, the worst part is that they laugh at those who have knowledge of self. The masses make fun of those who try to wake them up as they're lost in low vibrations, they're stuck in the system. 

The masses contribute their energy to the matrix as they're unaware about the true essence of their soul, forgive them as they're in darkness, they can't see the right path. 

The New World Order agenda has progressed to the point that almost everyone feels powerless to make a change, humanity has lost hope in its inner powers. The Beast got them! At least facts so far tell me so!

They are turning us into a race of cyborgs! Yes! Everyone got addicted with wearable technology. Not only this, but people are accepting blindly to get implant chips on their body. A group of coworkers at the Epicenter startup company in Sweden, is inserting RFID chips on their hands as it helps them with a lot of things such as open doors inside the building, access the gym, use printers and even do airline fares.

"I'm certain that, this will be the national way to add another dimension to our everyday life. I mean, for me to be able to seamlessly interact with everything digital around me, means me leaving a keychain  which however is a 5000 year old invention; it's kind of lame carrying money around a wallet, in plastic cards too.", says Jowan Osterlund, a biohacker.

Jowan Ă–sterlund biohacker

The following is the video in which workers of  Epicenter share their own view on microchip implants on their hands.

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