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Friday, December 29, 2017


Listen to the signals and know when you are in balance, that's when it is time to pay attention

When you're out of balance biologically, mentally, and chemically, finding motivation and clarity in your life is challenging. This is when it's important to get to the bottom of your issues and health, and your relationships to yourself and others. Understand that sometimes it's not of this life but it is a written script for your experience to learn in a memory of another life that is flashing through. When you're at odds with yourself find your centre. Sometimes this is done by stopping all stimulants or beverages that are alcoholic and take inventory of your life. 

Sometimes it's important to see the subtle changes where you're out of kilter and make corrections.  Never underestimate the power that your food places in your mind, thoughts and energy levels. Food is your fuel and its source should be the closest to the Sun in plant form and not adulterated by corporations for marketing in cost to your health.  When you're tired, you need to rest. Extreme fatigue is brought on by toxins in the body and this is your time for you to cleanse. 

The state of your vehicles and the rooms in your house will definitely let you know when you're out of kilter if they’re chaotic. The soul is honourable and it likes order and placement of objects that are neat and clean. Oxygenation of the blood is vital, as well as exercise. 

Routines are also important if you want to change your life. Sometimes it's to start a new routine whether by walking, running, meditation, yoga, or a whole new diet.  When you partake on the adventure of change you will see energy levels peak and clarity of mind as a result. 

When things disturb you learn to shut your mind and go to your heart and unplug from all that concerns the world. Make peace with your mind in your dwellings.  As you begin to work on clarity you will become much more abundant in your life and your frequencies will change to a higher level and more opportunities will come your way.  Just remember, everything always changes and you must learn to adapt at every stage in your life. Your soul is never apart from you and will take care of your needs but you must work with it and listen.  

Sometimes, all that’s is necessary is to see. You still need to open your eyes and focus. Learn to find your inspiration to live for and your actions will have more meaning. Change happens one step at a time, if you make 3 steps forward and one back you still moving forward. Dedicate your life to change and clarity and it will pay off in your health and mental wellbeing.  

Source, Quential/Mark Thompson/Denise Price

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