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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Jim Carrey says Apple Iphone X is a tool to enslave humanity

The famous comic actor, Jim Carrey, is making a weird appearance lately on different interviews as he is speaking the kinds of words which the masses can not understand due to the fact they're in deep sleep, brainwashed.

According to the actor, the latest product of Apple, Iphone X, is designed primarily to enslave people and steal their information as it replaced Touch ID with Face ID, a feature which helps users to unlock their device by using their own face. It is the Face ID feature which makes the actor think the Illuminati is gathering information and storing it on a big database so they can perform data analysis through machine learning on human beings of this planet.

Although a conspiracy theory, Jim Carrey's hypothesis makes sense to a certain degree as different intelligence agencies run spyware programs and other forms of online surveillance to steal information from internet users. No matter if true or not, it is always a good idea to stay open minded about any kind of topic as we need to evolve and talk about different problems with each other as it is best way to solve them.

Personally I would love to own an Iphone X gadget, but at the moment I am so financially broke that the food on the table is luxury to me.

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