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Sunday, December 17, 2017

Jim Carrey claims Donald Trump is a shape shifting alien

Spiritual awakening is responsible for opening the eyes of many people from different social classes and backgrounds. Although not everyone is awake, only a few are, everybody is questioning the reality in which they live in.

What is my purpose in here? What is this reality? Who created all of this? Who is the people that run the system? 

Almost everyone is familiar with the above questions, especially those who are waking up from the deep sleep in which the Dark Elite has kept humanity for centuries. An important and famous folk who seems to be spiritually awake is the famous comedian, Jim Carrey.

According to, the beloved actor believes that the actual president of United States, Donald Trump, is a shape shifting alien. Having met the president himself, Carrey witnessed weird facial expressions in Trump.

“Donald Trump has a long reptile face, an oversized beak, and his scales are a disgusting grey color, like sewer water,” Carrey said.

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