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Monday, December 25, 2017

Jerusalem, Donald Trump is setting up scene for Antichrist to come

Many true believers in Jesus Christ, is acting a little weird lately as they do believe humanity is living the End Of Days. With the latest event which took place in Jerusalem, the entire world is coming to the conclusion that something bad is about to happen.

Both christians and muslims do believe in the idea of The Antichrist, the person who is the opposite of our savior. It is the latest visit of Donald Trump in Israel which triggered both these religious communities as the president decided to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Such recognition puts the world's stability at risk as the inhabitants of Palestine who are loyal followers of Islam, have their own view on the case. They believe Jerusalem is their city.

After the visit of the USA president, in which he made very clear to the entire world that Jerusalem belongs to Israel, many Palestinians hit the streets to protest against the recognition.

Muslims in Gaza burn pictures of US president Donald Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Nothing positive is coming to the world after the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, only violence and tension on mother Earth. If does not add up good energy to the humanity, then why did Trump make such move?

According to those who follow the words of Jesus Christ, mason Trump is setting up the scene for the third temple and arrival of the Antichrist. The actual president is nothing but a puppet of the Jewish Masters who want to create a homeland for the Jews.

Jerusalem belongs to true christians, to fishes against the flow. Truth is that the Jews do not believe in the soul of Christ, they have their own books such as Talmud and Torah which to me, although I have not studied them, resonate with pagan lessons.

How can one pretend to be chosen people by God and at the same time declare that all the other races different from Jews have been created to serve them?

It seems like the philosophy of the New World Order to me. Low vibrational mind programming is being used by the evil elite to push further the idea of a global world under one government. And for sure books is one of the forms being used to manipulate the masses.

As far as my knowledge on the Jews goes, their sacred books teach them fear based stuff, far from unconditional love. Far from what God is in my understanding or that of true christians. Their understanding of the God's chosen people resonates more with the New World Order where the entire humanity is enslaved to serve a few.

So if Jews have been taught since little children by their elders through Talmud and Torah that the rest of world is going to serve them as God decided so, it makes sense why they own most of the money.

By their actions, the Jews not only prove to not be the God's chosen people, but also faithless in a supreme Creator. Using christianity as tool to fool the world, USA is  trying to setup a state for those who rejected and killed Jesus Christ.

A sign of the End Of Days or not, I am very sure the world is moving to higher energies and waking up to see the truth for what it is. Please let me know your opinion on this case in the comments section below. What do you think, is the Zionists preparing the scene for the Antichrist arrival?

Sourece tradcatknight.

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