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Monday, December 4, 2017

Inventor of the water-powered car screams 'They poisoned me'

Although a conspiracy theory, the death of the water-powered car inventor is very weird and suspicious as the man died during a dinner he had with his brother and some Belgium investors who at that time were interested in his work.

“All was fine until Meyer took a sip from his cup of cranberry juice and started to violently choke, eyewitnesses saw him running outside whilst violently vomiting. As Meyer was laying in his brother's arms he screamed: 'They poisoned me'.”, writes

The oil industry for sure that does not have any good coming out from the Meyer's invention, a mass produced car which runs totally on water would mean they're out of the energy game. And nobody in the industry wants that, the big players know how the system works and for sure they want total control over it.

Regardless of the fact that the doctors classified the death of the genius as a brain aneurysm, his last words contradict the expertise. And as awake souls on mother Earth, we have the right to feel he has been killed by The Dark Elite.

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