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Tuesday, December 26, 2017

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In Romania stones grow up and move

Each day it passes, something weird comes out for the public. Lately scientists have been triggered by special stones in Romania, stones that grow and move. Yes! Stones that grow and move. According to hidden-truth internet blog, the weird stones have the ability to grow from a few inches to well over twenty-five feet.

In the above picture, a couple of Romanian special stones is being shown in the baby stage. As mentioned earlier, the stones do grow up, the same as humans and other living creatures. I know it is hard to believe such stuff as even scientists can not explain it, but it is real. 

In the following photo, grown up stones is being shown. From little babies they grew up to big stones.

The fact these stones grow up is not the weirdest about them, they can move too. Yes, they can move! Known as the Living Stones, they do move at a rate of 2.5 mm over the period of two weeks. Some are suggesting that these little creatures do also breathe and reproduce.

Because scientists can not fully explain scientifically this phenomenon, a lot of myths are being created by the locals. True living creatures or not, I think it would be a great idea to have a couple of Trovants in your own garden and observe how they grow and move over the years.

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