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Sunday, December 24, 2017

Illuminati Trump invites demon goddess into White House

There is much buzz on the Internet that humanity is living the End Of Days, especially in different religious communities. The idea of a New Earth united under one religion, that of peace, is not being welcomed by those who strictly follow the religious doctrines.

An event that has taken place in the White House, in which the actual president of the United States has invited an occult goddess, has triggered a lot of people among those who claim to be the true followers of Jesus Christ.

Taking the lead role in the Hindu ceremony inside the White House, Donald Trump lit a lamp to invite the darkness goddess Lakshmi enter the people's house. The president of USA made sure to thank the people of India for their contribution in science, medicine, art and also for the Indo-Americans who serve in the American military.

Although many who have masted the Bible scriptures say that such move on the side of Donald Trump is the sign of The Antichrist which book of Revelations has warned us about, in my personal opinion it is very early to come to such conclusion.

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