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Tuesday, December 26, 2017


Happiness is not measured by accumulation of things you think you own

As simple as this statement is, it is true.  For no matter how much you "own" you can still be unhappy, in pain and suffering. Yes, people can make you happy but when they are gone you suffer.  It is need that makes you unsatisfied with what you are at the moment.  So what is the measure of need and happiness that fulfills you? Is it not satisfaction?  

When we set out to accomplish something, we feel good that our wishes have been fulfilled and we have arrived at completion. But it is the mind that measures the outcome through judgment.  In essence, it rates the actions. The more we have needs, the more work we must do to balance our desires.  

And when we are bored we have time and not the desire to move on this, we have a stagnation of mind.  Happiness is also feeling emotions and loving our accomplishments, and not so much in the limbo of time when you think you have what you need.   Learning the balance of need, action, and command seems to be the only resolve that brings harmony. 

We must realize that as we age our needs do change by the very nature of our biological bodies. For nature does need specific things in our lives. Learn that we are always transitioning because of this. Our biological chemistry is also so important, for we feel good based on our endorphins that are released into the brain.   

Coming to grips with our needs and balance is essential for our happiness, so is action and completion of goals. Dreams become a reality by the motivation of our thoughts along with effort and focus.  So learn what conditions make you happy and which ones do not. 
For as long as you live this will be your quagmire, to find your solid ground of balance and movement.

Source Denise Price.

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