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Sunday, December 3, 2017


Full moon update 2017-2018

Ego is needy, Spirit is not.

It's time to let go of people, pattern and situations that no longer serve you, that no longer make you happy.

New Moons are about new beginnings whereas Full Moon's are all about releasing. Only when we take the courage to let go of that which weighs us down can we create space for newness.

We are creators. 
We have the right to be happy.
We can choose to be.

But sometimes it is important to disconnect with certain people, toxic situations, be it work related or of a personal nature. If you are finding it hard to let go, just invoke Archangel Michael to cut the cords. Cutting the cords does not mean that you will loose the person, it means you are calling upon Divine Intervention to clear away the negativity that is weighing you/relationship down.

The Angels are always here to lighten up your load- all you need to do is call. A Full Moon day tends to bring to surface many emotions. You may feel irritable one minute and playful the next. That's how the Lunar Energy can play out in our human body.

No need to worry. Accept, flow and let it go. It's all good. 

If you are interested in angel messages, feel free to join  Tarot With Angels group on facebook where you will find many insights and spiritual wisdom coming directly from beings of pure light.

Love , Light and Infinite Blessings,
Inakshi Singh

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