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Monday, December 18, 2017

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Big Brother plans to install spy cameras in Church

While the majority labels the mass surveillance as a conspiracy theory, Big Brother works on finding and implementing new ways of spying the people. Lately places of worship have been convinced to install security cameras with the main purpose of keeping public peace and safety.

It is the pretext of fighting the crime which Big Brother is using to penetrate the sacred temples of God so it can gather private information on worshipers. About 100 security cameras will be installed in places of worship. Based on what is going on the internet, it is believed that every church in New Orleans will be equipped with surveillance cameras.

Project NOLA, an independent, nonprofit camera network, stands behind the plan of installing spy cameras in places of worship.

Big Brother wants to know every step each one of us makes and it seems like privacy is becoming a luxury. If we don't organize and protest, the day that they will try to install surveillance cameras on our home is very close.

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