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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Ancient aliens built the pyramids, tells the documentary

Having learned in school that the ancient pyramids of Egypt were built by slaves of the Pharaohess, I do feel like we have been brainwashed by the system when I read different theories that say it was the ancient aliens who did it. Although majority of the people label it as conspiracy theories, being part of those on the awake side, we do have the right to be suspicious about what our teachers did upload into our brains during the history class, and of course other classes too.

While the mainstream science does not believe the ancient Egyptians had any kind of help from ancient aliens, it is very mysterious how the huge pyramids were built and for what purpose. Still to this day, the scholars can not explain with exact details how the slaves and the grand architects of the ancient times built the pyramids.

Coming across a documentary which tells us that it was the ancient aliens who helped the ancient Egyptians to build the pyramids, I decided to share it with you guys, with the main purpose of contributing to the community.

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