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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Why do twinflames run

After the bubble phase, tensions rise between the twinflames. As they start to dig deep in their unreleased emotional pain, they enter a stage of conflict. Conflict which mainly comes from the unresolved inner issues on each of the twins. After the drama, the twins enter what is known as the chaser-runner stage. During this stage, one of the twins chases his or her beloved one who is labeled as the runner. Both the chaser and the runner are runners as they seek love outside of themselves. But why do they run?

There are many reasons why twinflames run. The main one is the triggers which the ego does to them as they're not mature enough to handle all the illusions yet. Twinflames run because they disconnect from their true self as their is ego is not completely dead yet. The running is temporary, so anyone on the twinflame journey should be focused in healing their self as when they do so they heal their twin too.

Love and Light!

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