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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Why do twinflames incarnate in totally different cultures

Many on the awake side, sometimes even twins, wonder why do they incarnate in totally different cultures when compared to that of their beloved. Being on the twinflame journey myself, from all the spiritual lessons I have learned so far, I will try to explain it in the simplest way possible to each one of you reading this blog post. 

The main mission of twinflames here on mother Earth is to learn how to love themselves without conditions and teach that to others through different forms such as writing, energy healing work etc. First, each one of the twins has to overcome the mind programming done by their society, the local matrix as those on the awake side say.

Each society has a certain frequency in which it vibrates in. Based on the specific frequency, each society creates its own social templates which govern how the life should be experienced inside it. And societies that oppose each other have opposing energetic imprints. For example in some cultures, interfaith marriages are not allowed. In such cultures darkness is the main frequency, people experiencing them are far away from love. They're totally blind!

So the twinflames incarnate in opposing cultures to shake the people of both societies, to wake up them from the deep sleep. To wake them up from illusions! And who better than those who share the same soul can do this?

Love and Light!

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