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Monday, November 6, 2017

What is the true purpose of twinflames

Most of the people who are not awake yet, are truly curious about the purpose of twinflames here on mother Earth. And they have the right to know about it, for the main reason that we are all one and separation is an illusion created by the vibration of fear. Being a twinflame I feel it is my duty to explain to those in deep sleep the true purpose of twinflames here on our planet.

Twinflames have been here with us since the moment God created humans. Based on some research I did on the Internet some days ago, it is also believed that Christ and Mary were twinflames. But what is their purpose on the physical plane?

It is time to be honest, it is time for the truth to come out. Humanity has been prey of the vibration of fear for so many centuries, it has been blinded by darkness. Most have not any idea of the true essence of their soul so they keep looking for love outside of themselves. On the other side, twinflames come as a soul in two different bodies to prove each other that everything other than love is an illusion. Once they have proved this to each other, they start their main mission, the one which they came here on mother Earth to accomplish. And that is the teaching of unconditional love to others.

Twinflames are in here to help humanity upgrade its frequency, to help each one of us to learn how to love ourselves from within because that is the true love. And once we start to love ourselves, the world will become a better place!

But how are twinflames going to do that practically? That's another topic which I am going to discuss and share with you guys in another blog post. Love and Light!

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