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Monday, November 20, 2017


What is the difference between a soulmate and a twinflame

Although many on the awake side have a lot of knowledge when it comes to spirituality, only a few of them have a clear idea on the concept of twinflames. Having experienced a false twinflame myself, I am going to share my wisdom on the topic.

Is there any difference between a soulmate and a twinflame, and if there is, what kind of difference is it?

Yes, a twinflame is different from a soulmate. The main difference consists in the fact that a soulmate mirrors only some aspects of your true self while the twinflame mirrors you in every way possible as they're your other half. We do choose soulmates mostly as romantic partners so the soul can experience the exact growth which is needed for the reunion with out true self, our twinflame.

In other words, soulmates act as conscious partners that prepare us for the twinflame mission and the reunion with our beloved one. The whole experience here on mother Earth is about soul lessons and soulmates play a major role in discovering our true essence of the soul. We have spent many past lives with our soulmates, playing a different role in each one of them.

Love and Light!

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