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Friday, November 10, 2017


We need 5D laws in the third dimension

From the consciousness which I am downloading from the Source lately, I have come to the conclusion that those on the awake side need to step their game up. Each moment it passes, the evil elite invests on dark energies with the main purpose of keeping us imprisoned by the illusions. Although we have been awake for a long time now, the environment in which we are experiencing the third dimension is still being governed by karmic laws. And to be honest, most of us are still prey of such laws, regardless of being on the awake path.

I think it is time for us to disconnect completely from what is known as the Government for the main reason that we are so much consciously evolved that we can not fit it anymore, no matter how hard we do try. Personally I have tried to fit the system as there was a time when fear vibration took control over me, but right now that I am in Heaven I truly want to contribute in creating our own system with fifth dimensional laws.

But what is a fifth dimensional law? Basically, as far as my understanding on this topic goes, a fifth dimensional law is a law based on energy and has no need for an executor as it executes itself automatically. Long story short, we need to learn to live our life based on the laws of Universe, the true laws.

For example, if two people want to marry, instead of them going through what is known as the legal system, they should do it based on a fifth dimensional law: they are going to stay together as much as it is needed for the growth of their soul. 

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