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Thursday, November 30, 2017


We are the wayshowers

Being the first ones to wake up from the deep sleep, we receive a lot of pressure from those who entertain the matrix as they can not understand our reality. Regardless of the negative energy which we do trigger in the low vibration masses after waking up, nothing can scare us on our path of enlightenment as God is our main guide and protector. There is a big reason for the pain which you are going through right now, you have agreed for the whole experience before entering the physical shell which you own. Everything which you are experiencing, is needed by your own soul to grow in order for you to realize its true essence which is unconditional love.

Prey of the low vibrations for centuries, not only humanity has been suffering through its entire history, but also has spent infinite amount of energies on illusions, mainly on the vibration of fear, a frequency which even today has total control over the masses. It is the low vibrations through which most are currently living life on the physical plane, that's one of the main reasons why they can't recognize the ones on the awake side.

Because the true essence of the soul is pure light, when one looks in their true mirror and realizes their true reflection, a frequency of pure unconditional love is being transmitted on the Universe. Due to the fact we are all connected, everyone receives your vibrations, no matter the physical distance, so it makes sense to say that everyone becomes aware of the light you vibrate after waking up to the true essence of your soul. And for sure everyone heals from the love without conditions you radiate as a wayshower.

But what is a wayshower? As far as my understanding goes, I can tell with full confidence that a wayshower is someone who opens the way for others so they can safely walk it, without any kind of worries. Directly chosen by God to bring unconditional love on mother Earth, all the wayshowers possess the amount of pure light which can help the blind see even there where darkness is the main ruler and it seems like there is no hope.

Although others view wayshowers as fools, wayshowers don't mind it as they turn the hate into love,  they operate from very high frequencies. Their mission in the physical plane is to expose darkness so those blinded by the vibration of fear can see. Most of the time, wayshowers are being misunderstood or viewed as some kind of crazy dreamers as their way of operating the third dimension is totally different from what you have been taught by the system. The solutions which they seek for the third dimension are of a higher frequency when compared to that of the mother Earth currently is vibrating on, that's why they face a lot of pressure from the society.

Being a wayshower myself, I know the journey gets tough, real tough, but I always remind myself that God is on our side, he or she is the biggest wayshower  on the Universe. With the main purpose of helping other wayshowers recall their true essence, I am going to write an article with complete signs which prove one is in here to make way with their own light so others can follow. Until then, enjoy the following video.

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