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Wednesday, November 22, 2017


We are spiritual beings trapped in animal bodies

Born spiritually awake, I always knew that we humans are not just humans, but special. Special to our Creator. Unfortunately not many understand the connection we have with the main Source, for the main reason that most are prey of the low frequencies.

Even those who are on the awake side now, have once been prey of the low vibrations and illusions which are responsible for the suffering of the entire humanity. Thanks to the lessons being learned over many incarnations here on mother Earth, they're now healing themselves and are contributing their true frequency to humanity.

Being spiritually awake, for sure that I do believe in reincarnation. And not only we do take physical shells of human, but that of animals too. To be more exact, we live in an animal body all the time. The shell which each one of us is using right now is an animal shell. Moreover, history has proven to be so too.

But because we are trapped in animal shells, does not mean we should live as animals. We should remember the true essence of our being which is unconditional love, and work hard to bring Heaven on mother Earth. That's what we came in here for, to learn to love ourselves without conditions and teach others.

Sometimes I feel trapped in my body too, regardless of the spiritual evolution which I have been through over the past years. The good thing is that all my animal energy is being discharged on mother Earth, I truly love this as I never really want to hurt anyone.

Keep in mind dear souls, we are trapped in animal shells, but our shell does not define us. It is time for us to upgrade our frequencies each day is passes so we can connect to the Source and bring his or her energy on planet Earth.

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