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Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Vin Diesel is a twinflame, prechosen by God to save humanity

Dear awake souls. I got some important news for you. Lately I have got in touch with Mother Earth The Ecco Of Your Soul, a twinflame lady who has given me permission to share her work on this website. Being a twinflame myself, I like to discuss spiritual topics with others. During a Facebook conversation which I had with this women, I learned that the famous actor, Vin Diesel, is her twinflame.

Guys! Vin Diesel is a twinflame. We are all connected to each other, no matter what kind of illusions we are experiencing right now. His twinflame, the lady which I have contact with, said that she is Mother Earth and Vin is Father Sky.

If you are interested in the twinflame stories, maybe you would like to contact Mother Earth The Ecco Of Your Soul yourself and ask about her experience with the twinflame mission.  Love and Light!

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