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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Video, young girl stoned to death by Sharia Law

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Dear awake souls! The topic which I am going to discuss in this blog post is kinda hard for me to share because many people in my area have labeled me as an anti Islamic guy, something which is not true at all. I just like sharing the truth, no harm comes from it, only development and spiritual growth.

It is truly horrible to experience life on low vibrational areas, as in such places darkness has blinded the people and they live not based on love, but hate. A video which has been uploaded on famous website Youtube, did trigger a lot of dark energies on me so I decided to share my humble commentary on it.

In the video, there is a group of muslim guys who hit a young women with stones, until the moment she gives her last breath. Shocking!

To be honest the video material is a great exposure of what the evil energies are able to do when they get materialized in the third dimension. I am totally sure that empaths, people who feel the collective deeply, are going to get triggered by such material.

Last but not least, the killing of the women shown in the video has nothing to do with the laws of God, as God is pure love and light. You can watch the video by following this link. Please make sure to leave your honest opinion on the topic being discussed in here, it is our mission as workers of light to expose darkness.

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