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Monday, November 27, 2017


U.S government admits marijuana can kill cancer

Being a computer nerd, passionate about books and my studies, parents have always portrayed the weed guy as a thug to me. So in my teens, not only I did not smoke any weed at all, but also tried to stay away from it. In my mind, I had this opinion that marijuana is the plant of crackheads, of thugs and street gangsters.

This opinion did not change until the moment I tried it and went through the experience it gives myself. Truly happy I have smoked weed so many times, I get even happier when reading articles which mention its ability to kill cancer.

Lately, it is the U.S government which have added a page about cannabis on their website that is loaded with information on cancer. According to the content on this page, research studies in mice and rats, have shown cannabinoids as cancer cell killers.

It is such a great news to know that one of the most powerful countries in the planet, is finally accepting the positive benefits one can have by smoking marijuana.

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