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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Twinflames will give birth to rainbow children

Dear awake souls, dear twinflames on the mission. It is time for us to speed up our healing process and work hard to unite with our beloved ones as the planet needs those rainbow children to move to higher frequencies.

Lately I am vibrating so high I feel like I am in heaven. When one is in higher frequencies, it is easy for them to connect to their true self and the Source. Because I am a pure light being, I like to share the information downloaded from the Source with the entire humanity. The purpose of this article is to inform twinflames on their future children.

Mother Earth has suffered a lot from the dark elite and the low frequencies they're trying to keep us in, so they can keep us in their prison planet. But God is on our side, he is sending very advanced children on this planet such as indigos, crystals and rainbows.

All the above children have special needs and they choose to incarnate in conscious families. For those of you who don't know what awake children are, feel free to get informed on this topic by reading one of my old articles through this link.

Now let's talk a little bit about rainbows. Rainbows are children of the most highest frequency to be known by humanity as they don't hold karma because they come here on mother Earth for the first time. Their main mission is to heal the planet with the pure light they radiate. Based on my spiritual wisdom these children come from the 9th dimension, a dimension where things manifest way faster than here.

Rainbows are going to choose twinflame couples as their parents for the main reason that twinflames are on their last incarnation here on the physical plane and they're fully cleaning karma. Nobody better than twinflames can raise, understand, develop and help rainbow children fulfill their mission on mother Earth.

I am truly exited for this download as it gives me so much hope for the future of humanity. Being a twinflame myself, I feel I am going to have rainbow children. Who better than me can raise them?

The following is a video which I created for this topic. Make sure to watch it and if the content resonates with you guys hit the Subscribe button, more material coming out.

Love and Light!

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