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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Twinflames will create conscious families

Hi twinflames family, I have some truly important news regarding our mission here on mother Earth so I decided to write this article with the main purpose of sharing the consciousness which I have downloaded lately from the Source. Being on the twinflame journey since 2011, I do know ours is one of the hardest, the one which brings so much pain only those who are spiritually prepared enough can handle.

Humanity has suffered badly from the low frequencies and it is still suffering. But this time we came to do it right, this time light is going to win. One of the many forms in which each one of us twinflame couples is going to contribute in the upgrade of earth's vibration, is through the creation of conscious families.

First, let me explain the concept of a conscious family to you guys. Coming from a dysfunctional one myself, nobody better than me can understand the importance of conscious families. By the way, I am not saying I don't love my actual family, because I do.

A conscious family, is a family which is born as a result of marriage between two spiritually awake partners with the main purpose of teaching every member of the family love without conditions. Love is the main template which powers such family, no matter the illusions such as social status, race, religion and others. Both partners of the conscious family have almost zero karma and they're probably true mirrors of each other. I am going to explain the concept of conscious family in details in another article.

What have the twinflames to do with conscious families? Dear souls, twinflames are in their last incarnation here on the physical plane, they're cleansing the entire karma and are close to full union with their true self. Twinflames are perfect mirrors of each other as you may know it, usually they incarnate in totally different societies with the main purpose of proving that cultural differences are nothing, but illusions. They're are in here to prove each other only love is real, they're in here to teach humanity unconditional love.

All the twinflame couples who have incarnated in the third dimension are going to create conscious families, each one of these families is going to play a very important role in what is known as the New Earth.

Feel free to follow me on my personal facebook account for spiritual wisdom and help, I would be happy to upload consciousness into you. Love and Light!

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