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Thursday, November 9, 2017

Twinflames, both chaser and runner run

Most of the tiwnflames who are being caught on the chaser and runner stage, do think one is the runner and the other one is the chaser. But whom is the chaser chasing, and from who is the runner running from?!

The real truth is that both chaser and runner do run. Each one of the twins during the chaser runner stage runs completely from themeselves, each in a different way. The chaser fails to realize their twin is within them while the runner fails to see their true self. Both are disconnected from their self during the chaser runner stage as they forget who they truly are. If they were connected to the true essence of the soul at this stage, they would not be going through it at all.

So keep in mind dear souls, both chaser and runner are runners. Such truth came to me after so much struggle with my own twinflame, so I am deciding to focus on my self development and healing. I am deciding to become a stayer. When one of the twins heals, the other automatically receives the love energy as they're all the time connected by God. They have always been connected. 

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