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Thursday, November 23, 2017

Twinflames are true mirrors of each other

As many of you guys who love to read my work may know, I am a twinflame. I have been on the mission for about six years now, and it has been hell and heaven at the same time. Regardless of the suffering which one on the twinflame mission goes through, the whole journey in itself is a gift from God.

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing yourself in another body. Twinflames share the same soul, just in two different bodies. They're true mirrors of each other.

When you talk to or see your twinflame, it is the same as looking to yourself, your true essence, as they reflect back your soul for the main reason that it is the same soul. In the beginning, when the twins meet, they both run as their ego can not handle the truth. Totally scared of the experience, the twinflames fear for their life, for the main reason that they're trapped in the outdated templates of their corresponding societies.

When one looks in their true mirror, they see their true self. And when one sees their true self, there is no more going back. Now let me share some ways in which twinflames mirror each other, all the information being shared on this website comes from my personal experience.

They look alike 

Usually twinflames look alike. They have the same smile, same eyes and the same nose. Although this is not always the case, most of twins do look alike.

They have similar childhood experiences

Most of the twins share similar experiences when it comes to childhood. They have probably been abused the same way, by their parents or the society.The Twinsoul plans the experiences before incarnating in the physical plane with the main purpose of getting the required lessons which are later needed to heal the rest of the humanity.

They come from dysfunctional families

Almost all the twinflames I know come from dysfunctional families. How come? Because they need to experience the dysfunctional family to understand the importance of a conscious one. As I have explained in one of my articles, twinflames are in here to create conscious families. Families that are born from unconditional love.

They have the same dreams and goals

Each one of us has a dream about their future. Twins too! Me and my twinflame both want to give birth to our daughter and bring her soul in the third dimension. I always wanted to have a sister as I carry the Divine Feminine energy within me.

They both dislike the same things

Regardless of the fact we are in here to destroy the outdated templates and create new ones based on the love vibration, there is a few things which trigger us. Both me and my twinflame are badly triggered by liars and manipulators, but as we progress on our journey we heal it. And at the same time we heal others.

They have the same aura

Because twinflames are the same soul in two different bodies, they carry the same energy so they share the same aura. Each soul who is on the twinflame mission, can easily recognize this by taking a look at their twin's aura.

Their voice is of the same frequency

God is perfect, and so are we. Regardless of the fact most fail to see it as they're not awake yet. The voice of the twinflames is of the same energy, of the same vibration and of the same frequency. This is the main reason why you heal when hearing the voice of your beloved one.

They care about the same stuff

When one shares the same soul with another human being, it makes totally sense for them to like and care about the same stuff. My twinflame cares a lot about animals and she is very empathic when one hurts them, so lately I am caring about them too. I did not care about animals before, but thanks to my twinflame I do now.

They share the same fears

Both the twins go through similar experiences, so they share the same fears. Me and my twin both fear abandonment as she has been cheated so many times in her life. Sometimes I do feel abandoned too, due to the childhood trauma which I have been through, but thanks God I am healing it now. And when you heal, your twin heals too.

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