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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Twinflames and the key to union

Most on the twinflame journey are lost in constant struggle as they're being caught on the runner and chaser stage. I know it is very painful and totally dark because I have been there myself. I know it is hard to stop the tears.

The truth is that twinflames are already in union as they share the same soul. Although the physical union looks like a different thing, it is entirely connected to the 5D union. Before the twins can come and live together peacefully in the physical plane, they have to unite with their true self and manifest it in the material world. Once this is done, the illusions go away and each of them knows deeply they're connected to each other by God.

If you're getting triggered lately by the illusions which trick your ego, it is probably that you are vibrating on low frequencies. There is no true separation from you and your twin, you have always been and will always be connected.

But to unite in the third dimension you have to unite with your true self first. Once you manifest your true self in the physical plane, you automatically heal and attract your twinflame as you're their true mirror.

Personally I am focused on self development and inner growth. Writing is one of the many forms which I have chosen to materialize myself in this planet. Dear soul, connect to yourself and stay in there, it is the place where you and your twinflame both hide.

What is it that makes your soul dance? Find that out and start to manifest it in the material world step by step. Everything is energy which vibrates at a certain frequency and so is you and your twin. To fully unite in the physical, to live the true love, you have to vibrate at your true frequency. And so does your twin.

They key in uniting with your beloved one is not in chasing them as when you do so you run from yourself. Why would you chase someone who is inside you?! The key to physical union is to become your fullest self in the physical. That's the point!

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