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Thursday, November 9, 2017

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The twinflame and the 144k thing are the same thing

The twin thing and the 144k thing are the same thing. The 144k are pre chosen souls from amoung creator beings. That means all the 144k previously evolved and graduated into love and oneness before. The 144k are not like the evolving ones on this planet, all the 144k previously evolved. 

So the pre chosen ones are not here evolving like the majority on this planet. The creator of this planet called us. And we're creators so. He asked us to split ourselves into two bodies. And scatter our selves so at a particular point in time. All 144k would come back together with their twin frequency. 

So we all 144k could lift the vibration of the planet and remove the dark controllers and help the evolving ones heal so they can graduate. The twin bodies coming back together in frequency is the game changer. It's why we gave up our memories it us also how we are going to decieve the dark so we can get them off this planet. 

Darkness is a tool. That has run it's course. It is not any longer needed. This planet is going into love and the pre chosen twins. Or 144k are the key to making it all happen. Except our will is not our own. Our will belongs to the creator of this planet.

Written by Linda Dalton

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