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Monday, November 20, 2017

The twinflame mission, the purpose of the twinsoul reunion

Twin Flames have a special contribution to make and they are coming together in numbers at this time to assist with the ascension process both at the individual and planetary level. When Twinflame join together in harmony and love, they generate a vortex of energy that can be imagined as a light in the darkness of society's consciousness. 

Through the reunion of the Twinflame energies, and by complementing and completing each other energetically, the whole becomes greater than the sum of its individual parts. The two create three--a trinity--and the third aspect is a very potent force of love and light at an extremely heightened and pure level. 

The Twinflame dynamic is slightly different than the energy that is being generated by individuals or groups of people who are working together on spiritual levels. The twinflames have a unique offering for each other and this in turn helps to expand their own service to humanity. Each twinflame unit around the world can be thought of as individual flames, each igniting one another in succession, and each representing a conscious and harmonious relationship between the twin flames as a unified whole. As each of the Twin Flames multiply and expand in consciousness there will be so many flames, so much light and energy of that particular frequency on the planet that it will act as a catalyst to help bring about the expected breakthough of consciousness within the whole of humanity on the planet.

Source, twinflamesoulmates.

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