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Tuesday, November 7, 2017


The goal is to vibrate higher

Being on the awake side, now I truly understand everything is energy vibrating at a certain frequency. This sacred knowledge is being used by the evil elite to keep humanity under total control for so many centuries. Those on the low vibrations are being easily brainwashed through different physical energetic channels such as television, advertisement and Internet. Such individuals have no idea of what truly goes on with their life as it is the flow which controls them, not their true essence of the soul.

Now that I recall, when I was operating the third dimension from low frequencies like most of the human beings, my dreams were based on ego based thoughts. Thanks God I experienced a false twinflame and went through multiple dark nights of the soul, because of these experiences right now I am able to see the truth for what it really is.

I don't want a luxurious car anymore, neither a big house nor a private jet. For sure not a big bank account. I know that true happiness comes from inside, the more you keep looking for it outside of yourself, the more you get lost in illusions.

My real goal is to raise my vibration and become a keeper of the frequency of love. And I strongly believe that such goal is that of many others on the path of spiritual awakening. 

Love and Light!

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