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Sunday, November 5, 2017


Spiritual awakening, you want to go back, but it is not possible

Our human experience here on mother Earth has been full of struggle, pain and bloodshed which comes as a result of the low frequency we have been kept in. The vibration of fear has been in power for so many centuries and it still is. The majority of the people who are in deep sleep navigate the third dimension based on low vibrations such as hate and jealousy, so they end up in karmic situations.

Being born awake, I was always focused on my inner self, so I never had any kind of interest in seeing other people down. That's a sign of a lost soul in negative energy! The thing is that most of us have karma which comes from previous incarnations, so when we truly wake up from the deep sleep the reality starts to feel like hell.

And when one gets a small grasp of how it feels to be in hell, they immediately want to go back to their sleepy way of living as their programmed mind forces them to do so. The physical plane is a tricky one, especially when one is in the beginning of the spiritual awakening and their ego is not dead yet.

And I wanted to go back too, sometimes I still do! There is so many illusions coming at you in form of psychological pressure once you wake up. Fake security which is provided by the outdated templates teases the ego, sometimes it triggers the one who is on the path of the awakening really hard.

Although the beginning is truly hard and one feels like their life does not make sense anymore, the good thing is that we are all together in this. The sooner  you understand it, the better!

The truth is that once you wake up there is no going back! You know why? Because what you experienced in your past was the projection of others into your ego, that kind of reality can not exist anymore for the main fact that you have started to operate the third dimension from your own soul, from your true essence.

Instead of you focusing your energy on the past, you have to start to live in the moment. Only the moment we have and we should embrace it fully. It is time to discover your inner gifts and materialize them on the physical plane, once you do so you are going to connect with many other souls like you and the journey will become easier.

What your ego thinks as loss, happened for your awakening. I failed in college, lost my freelance job as a technical writer, but I am not looking back anymore! Regardless of the daily struggle to survive in a toxic environment, I do my best to raise my vibration. From now on, it is all about upgrading the frequency and surrendering to the journey. God is on our side!

I also did a video this summer where I share spiritual wisdom based on my personal experience. In the following video material I discuss about surrendering during the spiritual awakening. Please support my work if you like it by subscribing to my Youtube channel as I am going to upload more videos.

And if you like to donate some cash so I can buy some food, the following is my paypal address. Love and Light!

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