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Thursday, November 9, 2017

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Spiritual awakening, you really need to change your diet

You really need to change your diet. We thrive as humans in a Alkalized diet but we are brainwashed to eat a high acidic diet. That's why we're all sick. I take 2 tablespoons of Diatomaceas Earth day. And have for about 4 years now. De does so much for me. It keeps me Alkalized in a radiated toxic world. But I don't eat any acidic toxins any more.
All wheat meat dairy soy canola oil Hfcs white salt and white sugar are very toxic to every human on this planet. If you want to get well you need to stop eating things that are toxic and high in acid. We humans need to be Alkalized.

The DE also grows back hair and nails... It kills parasites only because it alkalizes your body. It is not a detox. But it is safe for a baby. Or a vaccinated kid. Its safe for your animals and your plants.. And according to my unseen angels it's the same thing Jesus used to heal the masses in his day.
Mother Earth The Ecco of your soul

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