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Monday, November 20, 2017


Spiritual awakening, rebirth 13

Almost everyone wants to be born again, but most of them don't for the main reason that they think such thing is not possible. And keep in mind that I am not writing about the rebirth of the physical flesh, but that of the soul. It is possible!

Having gone through spiritual awakening myself, I have been through a spiritual rebirth. All of those who are on the awake side have been through it. And all of those who are about to enter the awakening experience will go through a rebirth.

We are reborn, the same as Christ. Christ consciousness is coming back in our hearts with the main purpose of helping each one of us heal and love ourselves without conditions. Unconditional love is the key in the evolution of the collective to higher consciousness.

We are in here to help mother Earth evolve by upgrading our personal vibrations. During the spiritual awakening our old self goes through the process of death so our new self can come out, our true self, the true essence of the soul. We have to die to be born again. Love and Light!

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