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Friday, November 24, 2017


Spiritual awakening, its stages and instructions to minimize the pain, first part

Been through a lot of struggle myself during the spiritual awakening, I have come to the conclusion that time has come to share my experience on all the stages that come with the process of waking up from the deep sleep. Although information comes from my own journey and the stages may be different for different souls, I am very sure that most of them resonate with the majority of those who are moving to Christ consciousness.

The Initial Triggering stage

In every spiritual awakening story, there is an event which is the main one responsible for triggering it. It this initial event which triggers the ego (projections of others into you) so bad, that leaves the one experiencing it no choice, but to wake up. The event which triggers the awakening has many different forms, infinite I would say. It can be a karmic partner, loss of money, loss of a job, failure and even a false twinflame. For me it was the last one.

During this stage, the one who has chosen to wake up feels truly confused as their life seems to go down, so they keep wondering what is happening to them. It feels like a higher force has taken control over their life, and that's true because they have been hit by energy from higher frequencies which the Source sends on mother Earth.

Although in the beginning it feels like your life is ending, keep in mind that is the initial trigger which triggers your awakening and puts you on the spiritual path, on the path of truth and love.

The initial trigger which put me on the spiritual journey caused a lot of pain into me as I had to clean a lot of toxic being stored in the emotional body. Since kids, the grown people who think they know everything start to project their fears, dreams and insecurities in our ego. Based on the projection of others, we start to create our own identity, a false identity. Once we fail to progress in the development of this fake identity which others have given to us, our emotional body starts to react really bad and we may even get frustrated to the point of being prey of very dark feelings.

As I mentioned earlier, a false twinflame triggered my spiritual awakening. Once I met this person, she started to invade me in my dreams, it felt like she was the real twinflame. I fell in love so hard, but she was not returning it back and I had to go through multiple dark nights of the soul. I failed in college. At that time I was dealing with worthless feelings as the programming pattern was telling me so, even my parents and my friends started to act different. Because we have created an identity based on the projections of our parents and society, when we lose it, we are being left with nothing. The truth is that we are being left with ourselves, our true self.

You may lose everything to understand that what you thought as everything was nothing, but ego. And you have to. There is no other way! Almost everyone who is awake has gone through the Initial Triggering phase. And the pain is real!

To ease the pain during this stage, I do recommend you completely disconnect from the reality which you used to know as your true one. I highly recommend you disappear for some time from what you have known as the normal life. Nature is perfect for healing, so the best you can do is to go and spend some time alone on some mountain. Or beach...  You need connection to Source to remind yourself who you truly are, the more your remember the better! The faster you pass the stages. And mother Nature is the perfect place to connect with the Source. So please do it! Forget everything you used to know as your identity. That was not you! It was them! And I am sure you don't want to live a fake reality anymore!

The Bubble Love stage

The spiritual awakening is a crazy process. Only those who have been through it, or are going through it can truly understand its beauty. Regardless of the pain one deals with when going through the awakening, there is so much unconditional love he or she feels. The bubble love stage is a phase in which those who go through spiritual awakening feel deep love around their heart, the kind of love never experienced before. Such love comes from the Source and its purpose it to awaken the true essence of the soul.

Unfortunately the bubble love stage does not last much as the ego is not dead yet. Its main purpose is to prepare the one going through awakening for the next stages. During this stage, one discovers the true connection with the Source, or as they call it God.

I remember myself going through the bubble love phase. It felt like I was in Heaven as the amount of love I was feeling around my heart helped me completely disconnect from the problems of the physical plane and operate directly from the fifth dimension.

The main purpose of this stage is to prepare the one going through awakening for what is going to come and give them trust, let them know that God has everything under control.

Enjoy the bubble love stage. You are about to find the Christ within you.

The Different Triggers stage

Depending on the templates in which your society lives, you experience the triggers. It can be anything, from the social class differences to religion. As you wake up to the true essence of the soul you start to have problems accepting the programming which has been done on humanity for many centuries.

Everything starts to trigger you. During this stage, different programs that have been implemented through your ego since a child come out for destruction so each of them acts as a trigger. The deeper your society is lost in illusions, the more you experience triggers during this stage. Most who experience this phase of the awakening feel like they're going through real hell, it is one of the hardest stages of spiritual awakening.

Personally I live in a society which has been lost in the fear vibration for many reasons which I am not going to explain in this article, so during this phase I was getting triggered to the point that I had very dark feelings. Having experienced psychological genocide, I have been through a lot of emotional pain.

As humans, we do store all our emotions in what is known as the emotional body. During the spiritual awakening, all that has been stored in the emotional body should come out. There are many forms in which the past traumas and emotional oppression can come out, for me it has been tears and energetic genocide feelings.

Coming from a society which has been deeply oppressed during its whole existence, I have been pressured in many ways, but I know I am in here for a divine reason. Regardless of the fact that my countrymen don't like the fact I listen to Serbian music, I am still moving forward on my spiritual journey.

The followings are some of the many triggers which can be responsible for hell during the spiritual awakening process.

  • Religion
  • Skin color
  • Social status
  • Corruption
  • System
  • Traditions
  • Authority
  • Evil Souls
  • Disorder

All the programming patterns implemented into you come out for cleansing during the spiritual awakening, but before this can happen you should get triggered, to be exact this stage is the ignition of the ego's death.

There is nothing much you can do to ease the pain during this stage. I do hardly believe the pain is needed for the ego to die, so keep in mind that you are going to get triggered really bad. Hell is not enough to illustrate the suffering one goes through when they enter the Different Triggers phase.

God has it all planed. He or she knows what is doing. During this stage you should surrender to the journey instead of fighting it as the more you fight, the harder it gets. The deeper your feel the pain. All the programming patterns, emotional blockages of the past are coming out for cleansing, everything is happening for your own good. This stage prepares you for what is about to come, we are stepping from Duality to Oneness. It is fine to being triggered! It is part of the process.

The Panic Attacks stage

It has been true hell to be here where I am now, on the awake side. During the spiritual awakening, inner energies go crazy. As the one who enters the awakening gets detached from the old dysfunctional reality, they experience the new reality a little bit on the fear vibration as the whole experience seems really weird.

Whats is going to happen to me? What happened with my old ways of living? What about my future? What about my friends? What about putting food on the table? Why?! How?! When?! Where?!

The above are some of the many questions which rise up in one's mind during the spiritual awakening, for the main reason that their ego is not dead yet. Because our main instinct is that of survival, during the awakening we do experience multiple panic attacks at the same time, to the point we can hardly breathe.

Having failed in college, I thought my future was gone. So I had to experience many panic attacks it felt like I was dying. It was hard, real hard guys. Only those who have experienced or are going through the awakening themselves can truly understand my words, words which come from the bottom of my heart.

The deeper your society is mind programmed, the more panic attacks you are going to experience during this stage. What to do?

During the Panic Attacks stage I highly recommend you completely disconnect from the fake reality and everyone you know. Spend time alone, do everything it takes to be alone. Sharing the experience with others is not advised as those on the sleep side not only are not going to understand what you are going through, but also label you as crazy.

The Going Crazy stage

Spiritual awakening is an experience only a few have been chosen to go through at this times as it requires a lot of spiritual growth. Imagine if everyone on this planet woke up from the deep sleep at the same time with us, the entire world would be in total chaos.

When waking up, the matrix makes one feel like they're going crazy as they have not been used to the detachment and the fact that they're spiritual beings living a human experience here on mother Earth, with the main purpose of growing. Walking the planet as a soul, instead of operating the third dimension as an animal, is something not many can accept at this point in time, for the main fact that they're not awake yet.

Unsure about what is going on, the one who is going through spiritual awakening feels like they're losing their mind during this stage. And in reality they're losing their mind. All the old programming implemented in them since little kids is getting out of their mind, the same way as we delete software from our personal computers. What does not serve anymore on the awake side is being deleted, the old mind programming patterns have no place once one starts to upgrade their personal vibration.

During this phase the Universe is going to test you really hard as your ego raises all kind of questions which make the spiritual journey doubtful and you feel a little bit crazy.

It is very normal to feel like you are going crazy during the spiritual awakening as the ego which does not want to obey to the soul keeps telling you so. Surrender to the journey and take it easy, otherwise you are going to suffer. You are going to experience real suffer! 

To truly ease the pain during this stage I highly recommend you stop watching television and also stop listening to what your sleepy friends or parents have to say as it is their software talking for them, not their true self. And their software carries a certain algorithms which keeps them prey of the Prison Planet. The dark elites work really hard to brainwash the people as the harder the sheep are brainwashed, the harder they attack those who speak the truth. It is the matrix which makes you appear like you are going crazy.

God is with us, light will win this time!

The Questioning Everything stage

Spiritual awakening is a tough experience as it is the connection to the true essence of our soul, the complete death of Ego. When one enters such experience, during the stages they feel abandoned as they have completely lost connection with the main Source.

And when one is completely disconnected from God, they feel lost so they start to question everything. Who am I? What is this place? What is my purpose in here? Why am I suffering so much, for what purpose? Does God exist?

During this stage one questions their own existence. Based on my personal experience, it is very painful. To be honest, most of the questions which one asks to themselves during this phase come from ego as our soul knows everything.

We are in here to learn by experiencing life on the physical plane, we are in here to remember the true essence of our soul.

The main reason why you question everything during the spiritual awakening is the disconnection  from your soul which the ego and the material world has created. As far as my experience goes, the more you resist the awakening, the more you question your presence of Self here on mother Earth.

Please dear awake soul, let your ego go. The answers to all your questions are within you, just trust the process. I have been through hell and I am still alive, now trying to help other lost souls progress in their development of self. God is within all of us. God is a Source of infinite unconditional love. We are in here to remember our true essence of the soul, it is all about lessons.

During this stage I truly recommend that you go out and have fun with your friends, no matter if they're awake or not. Go out and have some fun, even get wasted. Sometimes it is needed that you drink a little bit to handle the crazy energies that come in form of tough questions for one who is not fully awake yet. A little bit of weed helps too. It is truly needed that you escape all the questions raised by ego and let the soul handle the energies. The soul knows everything.

The Initial Ego Death stage

Life as human here on mother Earth is an experience which our soul has chosen to go through with the main purpose of growing to unconditional love. The thing is that life on the physical plane is made of Duality; we have to go through opposite experiences to truly appreciate what really is worth it. 

For example, to appreciate the summer one has to go through winter. To truly know the value of a true friend, you have to meet many fake ones. Although the higher self knows everything, it is the Ego which blocks connection to it.

We are not alone in here. Each one of us is born in a certain family and society. As we grow up, our parents and others around us feed our ego based on their personal experiences, so we start to manifest what they have projected into us. When one operates the physical plane based on ego, they completely disconnect from their true self and fall prey of illusions.

And when the spiritual awakening hits them, it truly feels like hell. What they were being taught does not work anymore in the upgraded reality, as the higher frequencies do not accept illusions.

As I recall this stage, the energy of hell comes back. I come from a society which has suffered a lot during its entire history and for this reason it has a lot of ego. Failing in college, means no future in here, to be more exact in many low vibrational countries means so.

For the true self to come out, it is needed that first ego dies. And it is a tough war to win, full of pain you never thought or imagined it was possible to experience. It takes many battles for the soul to win over the ego as humanity has been brainwashed with many low frequencies its entire history.

When one enters this stage, they do experience hell for real. They start to lose their mind and act crazy in every moment. All the low vibrations which have been controlled you during your entire existence here on mother Earth, start to lose control over you during this phase. As such thing happens, you get scared about what is coming as you're still prey of the fear vibration.

During this stage I do recommend you start to engage in physical activities such as running, jogging or any type of sport which can help to direct the negative energy in positive forms; unless you want to hurt and trigger others.

Final thoughts

There are many people who are entering the spiritual awakening experience right now and I felt it was truly important for me to share the phases of the awakening journey so those who feel lost can resonate with my personal spiritual wisdom. There are many other phases of the awakening which I am going to share in the next part.

Feel free to follow me on my personal facebook account for spiritual wisdom and help, I would be happy to upload consciousness into you. Love and Light!

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