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Thursday, November 30, 2017


Spiritual awakening, dropping expectations

Since little kids we are programmed by parents and the society to desire and want certain things that later we get attached to. The more lost in illusions is the society in which you have incarnated into during this lifetime, the more expectations you have.

Let's take as an example the American Dream. Big house, foreign car, holidays on tropical places and unlimited cash in the credit card. When one is being raised with such dream, they automatically create a reality on their mind which should be matched in the future.

But, what happens when all the expectations one has for their own life do not get manifested in the third dimension? The person starts to feel worthless about themselves, that's what happens. And can you imagine how one feels like when none of their expectations comes true?

I can, because I have experienced it all. My parents wanted me to finish college, find a well paid job, marry and have kids. Based on this programming pattern, I was experiencing life on the physical plane, until the moment I entered the Spiritual Awakening journey.

Failing in college was a real hell which I did experience as my parents were both expecting a lot from me, due to the fact I had been a very good student in high school. It was this failure and the false twinflame encounter which triggered my awakening.

At the moment I truly woke up, I realized that all expectations I had for life, were coming as a result of projections of others, none of them was coming from myself, from the true essence of my own soul. Such realization, helps to release everything that is not yours and drop it as the ego projections do not serve the true path.

When one discovers the true essence of their soul, the amount of unconditional love which flows through their heart reminds them their Divine nature. It is when one recalls their Divine nature that they totally free their mind from the programming patterns which have been implemented in them by the family and or the society.

What in the beginning of the spiritual awakening tastes like hell, is actually the true gateway to experience Heaven here on mother Earth. To be honest, while getting rid of expectations one is going to feel like they're losing their mind, in fact they are. But the truth is that it is not their mind which they're losing, it is that of others, of the collective.

Getting rid of The Collective Mind, is a very painful experience; I had to go through multiple dark nights of the soul to be where I am today. It is truly important to delete The Collective Mind as it stores all the projections others have implemented in us, and so it holds the expectations one has for their life.

Personally, having experienced  multiple dark nights of the soul, I have reached a state of completely unconditional love, so I can freely say that I have no ego of wanting something or accomplishing something in order for me to love myself and feel worthy of it. I have got rid of what I like to call The Collective Mind.

It is not an easy process, I must admit it. Getting rid of what the rest of the society uses to function, is a very hard thing to do. Regardless of the hell experienced during such process, in the end true freedom is earned.

To ease the process of dropping expectations during the spiritual awakening, I have compiled the following set of instructions which come as a result of the suffering from my personal experience in the third dimension.

1. First, do a simple analysis on why do you have a certain expectation on your life. Is it you who truly want it, or is it being transmitted into you by an outer force?

For me, the desire to become an engineer was forced into me by my parents, it was not mine.

2. Do a traceback on your childhood, on the teen years. Try to spot all the projections which others have implemented into you, as it is when you find the inherited patterns that you can cleanse them.

3. Try to live in the moment. The past and the future do not exist, we have only the now. Living in the moment is the only way to stop attachment of the physical plane, and drop the expectations.

4.  Reflect what you want to attract. By matching the vibrations, we attract what we truly want to get and achieve.

5. Expectations is nothing, but attachment. When one is attached to the third dimension, they invest and spend energy on illusions, instead of working on their inner self in order to attract the reality they truly want.

Final thoughts

Expectations is like a heavy stone that weighs down the one carrying it. Once awake, one understands that the huge stone they were carrying is a big illusion. The more illusions we clean, the higher we vibrate.

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