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Monday, November 6, 2017


Spiritual awakening, the black sheep and others

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Dear awake souls, the spiritual awakening has been a crazy journey so far for the main fact that we are the first one to wake up from the illusions and dark energies of the past. As we progress on our self development and healing, we face a lot of energetic pressure from the ones who are still operating the third dimension based on low vibrations such as hate, jealousy and fear. Sometimes the psychological pressure generated by those who are completely lost in their ego is so big that pushes us on the dark side. Sometimes it happens that I vibrate on the low frequencies too; I am just a black sheep!

The white sheep keep looking us like a savior when in reality the savior is inside them. They look for a God outside of themselves, the truth is that God is inside each one of us. It is inside of them, but they can't see because they're blinded by the darkness. As a black sheep that you are, you do see that they're prey of the darkness, so instead of you judging them, be their guide. Teach them how to see and where to see, light their path. Light is what they truly need, they don't need judgement because it brings nothing new to the table, only more control!

You have been where they're now, so who better than you can guide them?! Who better than you can teach them right from wrong?! Who better than you can teach them unconditional love?! Who better than you can teach them to look for Christ consciousness inside themselves?!

Nobody! Only you can do it, for the main reason that you have walked the steps they're walking right now! Nobody can do it better than you!

I know sometimes it feels so hard even God can't help, but trust me, everything happens in the right time. 

Love and Light!

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