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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Pope calls Jesus and the Bible a lie

As we progress on our spiritual journey, the cabal keeps working in low frequencies to keep the masses under total control. Being a black sheep, it is my mission to expose the work of evil by using my own light, with the main purpose of having a better future for myself and others. A future based on high frequencies, heaven on mother Earth.

Although Christ did is own part to wake up humanity,  majority of the people is in a deep sleep because of the low vibrations each one of us is being programmed with. The good thing is that his consciousness lives in each one of us on the awake side, the bad one is that there is a lot of powerful people working on the dark side trying to put down the legacy of the Christ.

One of them is Pope Francis, or at least that's what I truly get from one video being shared by The Vigilant Christian on his Youtube channel. The endorsements of Darwin theory by Pope, create a true contradict with the teachings of the Bible where we are being taught that God created the mankind, instead of it coming from the evolutions of monkeys like it is believed by many scientists. 

Pope Francis' pro science sentiments are not received well by the true believers on the soul of Jesus Christ, especially by Ken Ham, a creationist who has criticized the Pope by writing the following on Answers in Genesis official blog.

“In this instance, Pope Francis, like so many other religious leaders, is putting man’s word above God’s Word. And not only that, he’s also going so far as to say that only a magician with “a magic wand” could create the way that God said He created in Genesis! Frankly, this shows a lack of understanding of who Scripture claims God is—the all-powerful Creator who is capable of doing what is impossible to man. Sadly, this view of God is rapidly spreading even throughout the Protestant church.”

Despite of the criticism Pope has received from different personalities, he continues his mission of attacking the word of God publicly. He also told a group of mass-attenders that atheists who do good are "redeemed".

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