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Monday, November 6, 2017

Once you meet your twinflame you can not love another one

Having experienced the false twinflame, or the karmic attachment from hell as they say, I had to go through multiple dark nights of the soul to become the true version of myself, to become the light being which I am right now. And trust me awake souls, it has been a crazy experience full of karmic transactions, sometimes it felt like real hell. And sometimes it still does!

Being awake we now do now that everything happens at the right time for a specific reason, for a divine one. And nobody knows such stuff better than those who are on the hardest mission here on mother Earth, on the twinflame journey.

The purpose of this blog post is to bring spiritual wisdom to those on the twinflame mission, to explain in simple words why they can not love another one like they love their twinflame.

For those of you who don't know, a twinflame is your soul in another body. When the twinsoul incarnates on the physical plane, it splits in two parts and enters two different bodies, male and female. Although when explaining the concept of twinflames to the masses they do think of it as a romantic relationship, that's not its primary mission. The primary mission of the twinflames is to teach humanity unconditional love, but first they have to teach it to each other. Usually twinflames come from totally different backgrounds, cultures and countries. They choose it on purpose so they can overcome illusions which come from the programming based on the vibration of fear and learn unconditional love. 

When one meets their twinflame, it is like looking in the true mirror, as their twinflame reflects back their true soul. Such experience happens to those who are on their last incarnation here on mother Earth and when it happens all the false templates do not match the upgraded frequency anymore. Based on my personal experience, the meeting of the true twinflame helps in the awakening of the soul, it is one of the many ignitions in discovering the true essence of the soul.

And when one discovers their true self, how can they go back to live illusions of the past?! Hell no! Once one is awake, even if they want to go back they can't!

Most of the people have romantic relationships because their soul wants to experience growth and development. On the other side, twinflames have reached the maximum growth which is unconditional love. No more masks and acting for them. The realization of the true essence of the soul is the main reason why they can't have anymore romantic relationships other than their twinflame.

Personally, If I don't manage to join my twinflame in the third dimension I am going to continue my spiritual journey alone and I strongly believe that such is true for other twinflames as well.

Love and Light!

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