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Thursday, November 9, 2017

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Mother Earth The Ecco Of Your Soul: 'Ok, so here is my take on hunny bee'

Ok so here is my take on hunny. It can be organic. It can be clean. But it is rare. I like symbiotic relationships as Mother Earth. Bees make hunny out of love. So anyway I don't really call myself a vegan for this reason. Vegans consider it an animal product. I see it as something that once we clean up this toxic world we can have no problem. It's the man made toxins turning bee hunny bad. Not the bees. 

So I guess I'm not a true vegan. I don't really consider myself a vegan for this reason. I like symbiotic relationships. One day I will eat eggs again produced by chickens that love me. And I know cow milk is for baby calves. But my own loved cow will be part of the family. And she will produce very loving milk. 

We could have these things if they were clean. Yes an animal or an insect produced and created them with you and they did it with love. No I don't eat these things right now. I do get a occasional raw organic hunny... promised to be away from civilization. I am a clean food eater. There is not any reason it won't be clean and loved if you do it right. 

One day I plan to have these things again. But for now they are not safe. That kind of makes me look like a vegan. But I'm still just a high vibrational clean food eater. And I would also point out most vegans do not realize corn has to be organic. Or that wheat and soy are not good even if they are organic. Most vegans don't even realize how toxic table salt and white sugar is... thoe they stay away from animal and insect products. Most of them don't realize all the toxins in the vegan foods they eat.

With lofe from Mother Earth The Ecco of your Soul.

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