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Thursday, November 9, 2017

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Mother Earth The Ecco Of Your Soul: 'I live in the forest so I am a clean food eater'

If I were to be put in a forest with nothing I would forage for berries and herbs and lettuce and seeds. And I would survive. Oh Waite. I do live in a forest. That is how I survive. Meat will never go in my body again. 

I have learned how to find my own food. The forest grows everything a body needs. And your brainwashed to believe you need meat. And that meat. Keeps you acidic and dyeing. The dark really has lost. They really are being removed. That means meat eating is going to end on this planet soon. 

And if it doesn't you will die from the meat you eat. Good luck sir. I am glad I'm not you. Once I was like you. And I did not feel very good. I know you don't either. Even if you claim you do. I can tell you are not fit. You don't even look good. Oh wait. You look like the foods you eat just like I look like the foods I eat. Imagine that.

A clean food Eater ♡

Mother Earth The Ecco Of Your Soul

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