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Sunday, November 19, 2017

Ancient manuscript proves Bible is work of fiction

There are many religious doctrines that have enslaved humanity for many centuries with the main purpose of keeping them away from the true essence of their soul. Being on the awake side, I am sure that God is within us as God is pure unconditional love.

Regardless of true or not, I like to entertain myself and my readers with conspiracy theories. Life should be fun and full of love!

I came across an article on one of my favorite blogs when it comes to conspiracy theories and decided to share it with you guys. An ancient manuscript of the Bible has been discovered and it proves that the sacred book Christians read today is nothing, but a work of fiction.

According to the professor who has discovered the ancient book, original text of the fascinating document has been omitted in the version which religious followers of Christ read today. Miller, the man who is responsible for such discovery, says that when this truth comes out many people in the religious communities are going to get upset, especially those in theological circles.

The handwritten Bible has been rediscovered at Cambridge University.

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